My speculative stories are mostly about:

  • goddesses, gods and the limits of their power
  • beautiful art pieces with concealed magic
  • queendoms and their iron-willed rulers

Currently I have several short stories in the pipeline. Find two of their blurbs below and subscribe to my mailinglist to receive updates when new stories are released!

The Sweet Salt of the Earth (part of Dutch short story collection Meer dan Menselijk)

The people of Forest Fields shower most of their gods with admiration and offerings but to Ragda, goddess of roots and all things beneath the earth, they are not so generous. After all, the things she controls lay beneath the ground, unseen under layers of dirt and sand, out of sight and out of mind. They say tireless Ragda herself does not mind the lack of people’s affection for her and continues to make things grow and flourish - no matter the taunts and ridicule she has endured from god and human alike since memory serves. Until one day, the limit she herself did not know existed is reached.

Carousal, And What Lies Beneath It

Adfrey, an elderly elephant-headed humanoid, spends his days listlessly working his fingers to the bone in the harbor of Gentris, a tourist town frequented by the wealthy. The only excitement he knows, the only time he feels anything at all, is during his weekly visit to the Hopera, where magical craft beers are served during each dramatic stage play that arouse Adfrey’s emotions. Be it glee, rage, fear, sadness or disgust, he only knows it when in this establishment, with his eyes glued to the stage and sipping jewel-imbued spirits. But as he finds out during one play night, there is more to his feelings - and his past - than he realises.