Red weddings and red herrings: a blog on storytelling tropes from ancient mythology

Hello and welcome to my blog!

The fantasy genre has often been inspired by myths and legends from ancient times: chosen ones, dark lords, damsels in distress, dragons, faeries and dwarves are some examples that have roots in much older tales. But when taking a closer look at these stories, there is a lot more to derive from for the storytellers of today. Mythology – especially when considering myths from all corners of the world- offers a very broad range of creatures, characters, themes, arcs, symbols, plot points and more. Only some of these have found their way to fantasy and scifi so far.

On this blog, I will be digging a little deeper into myths and legends from all over the world to distill both well- and lesser known archetypes and tropes from them – where possible with examples of how they have been used in modern fantasy and scifi. Though my posts are meant for all mythology and fantasy/scifi enthusiasts, they may be of particular interest to fellow authors of speculative fiction who want to know more about existing themes in mythology – both well-worn and fresher ones – to use them as inspiration for their stories or even to turn them on their heads! I may add the occasional book, movie or videogame review here as well if it has a generous dollop of mythology in it. Enjoy!

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